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John Knight

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Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Price : $3.99

Easier than the first title, but still tough.


Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters has nearly identical gameplay to the NES game Kid Icarus, however unlike Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters has a much easier level of difficulty that won't drive the impatient to the end of their sanity. Don't be fooled though Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters is still a difficult game, but at least less skilled gamers can actually beat the game after enough practice.

Like the first Kid Icarus game, the gameplay is an interesting combination between the platforming, action, adventure, and even the shooter genre. The controlls are simple, but platforming can be difficult if your buttons on your 3DS are worn from excess use.

Replay Value

Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters, understandably has a low replay value due to the nature of the game and its genre, but is fun enough that you will want to play the game again sometime!


The presentation of the game is simple yet effective, the menus look good for a gameboy game, the graphics look virtually the same as the NES predassessor, but the music and sound effects are sadly lacking and are of low quality, moreover there are several graphical flaws that can freeze the game forcing you to reset.

Final Impressions

Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters might have some flaws, but its fun gameplay will more than make up for its flaws as a result I give Kid Icarus:of Myths and Monsters an...

Score : 8/10

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Good review John Knight! victory

I agree with this entire review. |D

A good review overall, but it feels a little short. Probably could've explained a little more about how the level of difficulty has been lowered. I believe there's at least one other new feature that should've been mentioned as well. Ha! I like the random comment about how platforming may be difficult, if your 3DS' action buttons are worn from excessive use. Very Happy lol

The word you were looking for was menus not menues. |P

@Megatron2000 wrote:The word you were looking for was menus not menues. |P

Fixed. Wink

Nice work John Knight. Wink

I agree with Nintenbro, that 3DS button comment was funny lol.

Wowzers nice review!

@Golden_Toad wrote:Wowzers nice review!

Very nice review indeed.

Um....your review is very nice Smile

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